Our story

The STAR PMP nursery is one of the 5 nurseries around which the history of STAR GROUP has been built. From 1938 to 2012, the DEMOLS family developed its business around the cultivation of rootstocks and grafted fruit plants. When Pierre DEMOLS retired, he sold his business to STAR GROUP and a minority shareholding to LAFOND Nurseries.

STAR PMP thus became one of STAR GROUP’s 5 subsidiaries in 2012.

A French production of rootstocks and kiwifruit seedlings

Building on its historic expertise as a rootstock producer, STAR PMP now supplies French rootstocks to its member nurseries, other external nurseries and its arboricultural customers.

The nursery therefore offers a wide range of grafted fruit plants and in vitro rootstocks, produced and bred on site, including :

  • Pear trees: Farold 87
  • <liPeach and almond trees : GF 677

  • Plum trees : Jaspi and Myrobolan P1254
  • Cherry trees : Colt, F12-1, Maxma 14

STAR PMP can also supply you with other complementary species and varieties sought after among our colleagues. The STAR PMP team is at your disposal for any information or quotes:

STAR PMP is also the only nursery in the group to produce in vitro kiwifruit plants. The Hayward (female) and Tomuri (male) varieties are available in 2.5L pots and bare roots.

A new, modern site at the heart of the group’s investment projects

STAR PMP, located on the Tuilerie site in Mondragon (Vaucluse), shares its premises with the STAR GROUP headquarters and 2 other group subsidiaries (STAR EXPORT and AC FRUIT), thus facilitating logistics and the management of plant material.

STAR PMP is therefore at the heart of STAR GROUP’s investment projects.